When I was a kid (I still am in my mind ?) my mummy used to recite stories during bedtime since I refused to sleep otherwise. All these stories were created by her during the process. I still remember a few of them. All had a moral and were really intriguing unlike the ones recited by a few of my aunts (utterly boring, leading no where and each one of them ended with ‘so do as mummy says or else you too will suffer like the antagonist).

Wonders of reading stories to your kids

Stories help in influencing the minds of the kids as well as their imagination. We can make them learn endless good habits and morals without even letting them know we are doing so. Try reciting the stories with a blend of your mother tongue and a foreign language (mostly English since it is understood everywhere in the world). This is how they will get a command over the foreign language without missing out on their roots.

Pick up one of his favourite story books or you decide if he can’t make up his mind and tell him a story every night till he sleeps. Night time is the best time for story recitation since it is said to be a source of good dreams. So better recite pleasant stories even if they insist on listening to ghost stories.

When your child is calm and cosy in his bed, reading to him also leads to reduced stress levels (bullying at school, punishment in the class etc).

When you read aloud, their vocabulary gets enriched. They pick up new words and even if they pronounce them wrong, don’t snub them instead go on repeating the word correctly whenever you get a chance so he notices it.

It is an established fact that such moments lead to closer bonds between you and your child. They need your touch. If we don’t have time all day, I am sure taking out 15 minutes won’t hurt much! Snuggle up and share some love.

They will start sleeping on time and that too without any fuss.

Wonders of reading stories to your kids

Sometimes kids get distracted during the reading session. My 4 year old still does that but I continue reading. I don’t give up till the time he decides to stay put. This happens as soon as I modulate my voice the moment he twists and turns. I bring in a new character of his choice!

Above all, you will find a marked difference in their class performance. Story telling leads to developed reasoning ability, language perfection, sense of judgement, creativity and fluency.

Some of the books I have been reading to my son

  • Roald Dahl’s ‘Matilda’
  • RK Narayan’s ‘Malgudi days’
  • Panchatantra stories

I try to choose the books filled with lots of images. This helps in keeping them hooked and they also learn how to connect different scenes leading to sound thinking.

Don’t wait for a perfect day, start tonight and see how your little ones transform for good!

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