I personally believe that happy kids are the brightest. They spread happiness, light up the dispirited moods and most importantly possess the power of love.

The first step to bringing up a happy child is being happy yourself. Remember it’s all in the mind. Life is way bigger than that necklace you can’t afford or that 95 your child couldn’t score and got 60 instead. Think about how people in some countries are starving to death and you are unhappy because your spouse took you to a restaurant nearby than a 5 star hotel! So smile, you have a beautiful life.

Raising happy kids

Instill in your children, the compassion towards every being. Surround them with positivity and a healthy environment. Make it a point not to keep snubbing them (just because they accidently spilled the milk on the floor you just mopped or they want you to talk to them while you are talking to a friend after long). There are better ways of making them understand that they need to be careful amd a little responsible. Explain to them what you have to like you will to a friend.

Try not to argue or fight in front of them. The imprints of such incidents never fade out from their minds, making them emotionally insecure.


Appreciate them when they make an effort rather than criticising them about not being perfect. When they take a step, you should be taking a leap towards them with open arms.

Kids just want to be happy. Don’t make their smiles depend on materialistic things. Till you don’t introduce them to expensive things, they’d be happy with what they have or those little presents you keep giving them when they do something good. Teach them to be satisfied. Greed has no end and it’s seeds are sown the moment they see you running after money, stressed because of money or talking about money. Make them realise the value and true essence of life-love-happiness.

Raising happy kids

Let them have an individual connection with everyone in the family and the neighbours. The feeling of belonging thus formed acts as a source of lifelong emotional wellbeing of the Child. Don’t let your enmity with other members of the family affect them. Their relationship with others should be entirely their call. They deserve to be loved so let them receive it from everyone they want.

Don’t expect too much out of them. Accept them the way they are, guiding them towards the right direction. Play, giggle, laugh, snuggle and love them. Don’t be in a hurry to make them grow fast. Now they need you.

Don’t make them wait for your love too long, these years won’t be back.

P.S Till I meet you again with my next post!

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